The Benefits Of IV Sedation – Why You Should Sleep Through Your Appointment

At the office of Solana Beach dentist Dr. Alex Erwin, we offer a variety of sedation options for our patients, including IV sedation. Dr. Erwin’s wife is an anesthesiologist, and offers expert IV sedation in Solana Beach, ensuring you can get through your appointment in comfort.

IV sedation provides a deeper level of sedation than alternatives like nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral (pill-based) methods of sedation. Are you wondering if it’s right for you? In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top benefits of choosing IV sedation, and explain why you should consider sleeping through your appointment.

Unbeatable Calmness & Relaxation

First and foremost, IV sedation will make you feel extremely comfortable, calm, and relaxed. In fact, it’s highly likely that you will fall asleep within moments of beginning IV sedation. You’ll be able to sleep through your entire procedure. You’ll also forget most of what happens during your procedure, which is great for patients who may have dental anxiety, or who have had bad experiences with dentists in the past.

However, IV sedation is not the same thing as being “knocked out” by general anesthesia. You can breathe on your own without the assistance of a breathing machine, and you can usually respond to commands and light touch.

IV Sedation Takes Effect Immediately

IV sedation is delivered directly to your bloodstream by a needle. This means that, unlike pill-based forms of sedation, it takes effect immediately. As soon as you’re injected with your IV sedative, you will begin to feel groggy, sleepy, and relaxed.

In contrast, oral conscious sedation can sometimes take an hour or longer to take effect. IV sedation works right away, which makes it easier to plan your procedure, and can also save you some time during your appointment at our office.

Customizable For Safety & Efficacy

Just like other types of sedation dentistry, IV sedation is always customized to ensure that you get the best possible sedative effects without compromising your safety. Our partner anesthesiologist will calculate the proper dose of sedative based on your age, gender, weight, the amount of time you need to be sedated, and many other factors.

We will also meet with you before your procedure to make sure that you’re a good candidate for IV sedation. For example, we will ensure that you do not have any health issues that could cause problems with IV sedation, and that you are not taking any medications or supplements that may interfere or cause complications with the sedation process.

Quick Recovery After Your Surgery

Once your procedure is over, our team will wake you up. You may feel groggy, confused, and nauseous, but these effects wear off within a few hours. However, your ability to drive and operate heavy machinery will be impaired. 

Because of this, we will require you to bring a responsible adult to our office to drive you to and from your appointment. Most patients recover within just a few hours, but some side effects could linger for up to 24 hours, so we recommend taking things easy after your appointment at our office.

Interested In IV Sedation In Solana Beach? Come To The Office Of Dr. Alex Erwin!

If you’d like to relax, rest, and stay comfortable during your next dental appointment with IV sedation, come to the office of Alex Erwin, DDS. Dr. Alex Erwin and his wife specialize in IV sedation dentistry in Solana Beach, and can provide you with the expert dental care you need. Give us a call at (858) 755-1189 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today, and take the first steps toward a healthier smile.

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