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Losing teeth doesn’t have to affect your smile, your diet, or your self-confidence. At the office of Alex Erwin, DDS, we provide expert care. We offer both full and partial dentures that will help you look and feel your best after tooth loss.

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Why Should I Choose Dentures?

Dentures are typically the fastest and most economical way to restore your smile after tooth loss. Partial dentures are ideal for restoring several missing teeth, while full dentures are a good option if you’ve lost most or all of your teeth. With a set of dentures from Dr. Alex Erwin, you can get back to your normal day-to-day life. 

You can smile with confidence, eat and chew your favorite foods again, and overcome the challenges related to tooth loss. We simplify the entire process and make it easy for you to get the care you need at our office in Solana Beach. Contact us today to learn more about partial and full dentures, and to learn more about your options for treatment in Solana Beach.

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41 million Americans wear dentures to help them eat, speak, and smile with confidence every day.

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The Benefits Of Dentures

Restores your smile

First and foremost, getting a set of partial or full dentures from Dr. Erwin allows you to smile proudly once again. If you’re missing some, most, or all of your teeth, you may feel self-conscious when you laugh, speak, smile, or even eat around others. With dentures, you can smile proudly, speak clearly, and never feel embarrassed about your appearance.

Eat your favorite foods

Dentures aren’t just cosmetic. They're functional, too. With a set of custom-fitted partial or full dentures from your dentist in Solana Beach, you can eat your favorite foods once again and maintain a healthy diet. You’ll even be able to eat tough, chewy, and crunchy foods that may have been difficult or impossible to chew properly without all of your teeth.

Economical treatment

Compared to other options like dental bridges and dental implants, dentures are always the most affordable option for restoring your smile. Most dental insurance plans even cover the cost of treatment up to any applicable limits. If you’re on a tight budget, dentures are the best way to restore your smile.

Protects oral health and appearance

Partial dentures can help prevent teeth shifting after tooth loss, which is a common issue in patients who have lost multiple teeth. Wearing partial or full dentures also helps maintain your facial appearance, preventing the “sunken” appearance that is common among people with untreated tooth loss.

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From missing tooth to natural-looking implant restoration

The Dentures Treatment Process

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Necessary tooth extractions

Before you can get partial dentures in Solana Beach, CA, it may be necessary to extract any unhealthy teeth. If you are getting full dentures, all of your remaining teeth will need to be removed. Once you’ve gotten any necessary tooth extractions and your mouth has healed, you will come to our office for your initial denture fitting.

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Initial denture fitting

Dr. Erwin will take images and impressions of your teeth and create a bite mold based on your smile. He will also take notes about your smile and bite and send all of this information to our partner dental lab. This is where your first set of test dentures will be built.

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Test dentures and try-ins

Our partner dental lab will build a custom set of wax test dentures, then send them back to the office of Alex Erwin, DDS. Then, you’ll come back for your try-in appointment. You’ll try your dentures and see how they feel, and Dr. Erwin will work with you to determine if any adjustments are needed.

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Denture fit adjustment

After your initial try-in, Dr. Erwin will send any feedback and other notes back to our partner dental lab. They will build another set of test dentures and send them back to our office, and you’ll try them out again. This process may be repeated multiple times until your new dentures fit perfectly.

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Final denture placement

Once the fit is right, Dr. Erwin will order your final set of dentures from our partner dental lab. They will be built from durable, tooth-like acrylic and other advanced materials, which ensures a natural appearance. Once your final dentures arrive at our office, you’ll come in and pick them up. Dr. Erwin will check the fit one last time, then give you all the information and care instructions you need to adjust to your new smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Full dentures are used to replace all of your upper, lower, or both rows of teeth. In contrast, partial dentures can replace one, several, or many missing teeth while keeping your remaining healthy teeth intact.

There are lots of differences between full and partial dentures. Perhaps the biggest difference is how each type of denture stays in your mouth. Partial dentures attach to your healthy teeth using a metal and plastic design. Your existing teeth hold them in place and ensure they don’t move when you eat and speak.

In contrast, full dentures are used when you’ve lost most or all of your natural teeth. They use an acrylic base that’s designed to fit tightly over your gums and stay in place due to friction. You can also use denture adhesive to keep full dentures tightly in place, though this is not usually necessary with modern custom-fitted dentures.

Because they must fit perfectly over your gums, full dentures also require you to have all of your remaining teeth pulled, even if some of them are healthy. This is why they're usually only recommended for patients with severe oral health issues. In contrast, partial dentures let you keep your existing teeth if they're healthy.

Wondering if you’re a good candidate for dentures? If you’ve lost one or more teeth in Solana Beach, CA and you want to replace them, dentures from Dr. Alex Erwin may be right for you. However, you do have other options like dental bridges and even dental implants. You can contact the office of Alex Erwin, DDS to schedule a consultation and learn more about all of your options for restorative dentistry in Solana Beach, CA.